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Various reports that have been published down through the years. These reports either relate directly to our campaign for the East Mayo Greenway. We may also publish relevant documents which have a direct impact on our proposed East Mayo Greenway. Click on the various reports links to view or download.

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Presentation Document To Joint Committee On Transport & Communications

Presentation Document To Joint Committee On Transport & Communications

Western Rail Trail document, representing Sligo Greenway Co Op, East Mayo Greenway and The Quiet Man Greenway, Presented to the Joint Committee on Transport & Communications. The committee meeting on the All Ireland Rail Review was held on Tuesday 8th March 2022, in Committee room 4 in the Houses Of The Oireachtas, Dáil Éireann.

Sligo greenway vision document cover

Sligo Greenway Vision Document 2021

Peadar Conway, Chair of the Co-op said at the launch of the document; “This Vision Document is not an economic justification or technical feasibility document, these aspects have been comprehensively covered in other reports. This Vision Document better describes the “feel” of the Greenway.

Irish Rail submission to Mayo county plan 2021-2027

Irish Rail Submission

Irish Rail Submission To Mayo County Plan 2021-2027

“Iarnród Éireann notes that the Council aim to support and facilitate the EuroVelo rail project on the Western Rail
Corridor as an interim use for the rail line pending its reopening for passenger and rail freight. Iarnród Éireann will
continue to provide conditional support for the development of a greenways in locations where the railway does not have a short to medium term viable business case for reintroduction of services. In terms of the Western Rail Corridor, this conditional support is subject to the section north of Claremorris. Greenways help to keep the asset in state ownership and keep the asset utilised, and then if there is a decision at some time in the future that it should go back to railway use, the licensing arrangement is such that it can do so.


Dept of transport

Dept Of Transport Submission

Department Of Transport Submission To Mayo County Plan 2021-2027

“We would welcome future examination of Greenway options in the east of the county. To that end we would welcome protection of the wester rail corridor as a “Transport Corridor”, rather than solely as a railway line in the goals laid out in the previous paragraph. This minor change would not prohibit the re-instatement of the railway line but it would also ensure that consideration could be given at a future time for the construction of a Greenway on or beside the alinement of the railway line. This would be particularly welcomed for phase IV of the western rail corridor from Claremorris to Charlestown.

draft Mayo county plan cover

East Mayo Greenway Submission To County Plan 2021-2027

East Mayo Greenway group campaign plan to the Mayo County Development Plan 2021 to 2027. This submission is being made on behalf of the 1235 (at time of writing 15th march 2021) members
of the East Mayo Greenway Group

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Jaspers Report 2021

In July 2020, JASPERS was requested by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport to undertake a review of the project material prepared by EY, and provide independent technical advice regarding the potential of the project to attract CEF grants, as well as its potential candidacy for IFI financing. “The weak forecast demand and the limited role for freight would limit the ability of the project to attract grant funding.”

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EY Consulting Report 2021

These reports, at a cost of €500,000 and to be published within 6 months, were requested by Sean Canney Ind TD, in support for the then government in 2016. These reports finally hit the desk of then Transport minister Shane Ross in November 2019, but were not released to the public until the 8th of January 2021 by Transport Minister Eamon Ryan.

Both these reports are definitive in the assessment that rail is not a viable option for either passenger or freight for the closed railway alignment from Claremorris to Athenry. The fact that the line north of Claremorris hasn’t even been mentioned in any of these reports, they are not even considered in any report.

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Strategy for the Future Development of National and Regional Greenways 2018

Report Published by The Dept of Tourism, Transport & Sport. July 2018

The preferred model for future Greenways is to use lands already in the undisputed ownership or control of the State, either through Government Agencies, Government Departments or Local Authorities. The advantages that this model provides include certainty of permanent unrestricted access, clarity in relation to liability for any insurance claims and certainty of responsibility for maintenance and upkeep.

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Meehan Tully Report 2016

Prepared by Meehan Tully & Associates Ltd in 2016

Approximately 35.5km of the former Great Southern Railway line, referred to as the Western Rail Corridor in more recent times, is located in County Sligo, between Bellaghy and Collooney. Closed to rail traffic since 1963, this disused piece of public infrastructure is an important asset to the local areas as its development offers the potential to deliver positive economic and social benefits to the region, and more specifically to Tubbercurry and its environs. This document sets out the case for each of the three more appropriate and viable development options currently available to the State and an assessment of each option based upon cost, potential benefit, and return on investment.

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CEDRA Report 2014

The Commission was asked to research information to inform the medium term economic development of rural areas for the period to 2025.

Page 69 in the report states:

Recommendation 27: The Commission recommends that national State owned
infrastructure that can support national, regional and local tourism initiatives should be prioritised for development. The Commission believes that this is essential to build on the success of initiatives such as the Great Western Greenway in Mayo, and the O’Sullivan
Beara Way from West Cork to Leitrim.

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Swinford Community Futures

Local People Have Their Say

This Action Plan is the result of extensive community engagement carried out in 2011 and 2012. Under the guidance of and support from the Mayo Community Futures Programme. Outdoor Amenities
“Swinford will develop its walking and cycling routes incorporating the Ox Mountains and River Moy. The
Old Railway line will be turned into a cycle path similar to The Greenway in Mulranny.”

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Line Survey 2011

Line survey by Sligo/Mayo Greenway campaign in May 2011.

Sligo/Mayo greenway campaign is in the process of recording blockages on the abandoned rail which may cause issue for the instalment of the proposed Greenway on the route. Sligo/Mayo greenway campaign is bringing each of these encroachments to the attention of the Minister of Transport tourism and Sport – Mr. Leo Varadkar and to the attention of Irish Rail.

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Strategic Rail Review 2003

Strategic Rail Review by the Western Development Commission in 2003. 

Western Rail Corridor
The Strategic Rail Review states that the total capital cost of the Western Rail Corridor (WRC) is €572 million. It also states that the WRC has a negative Net Present Value and shows weak benefit to cost. The WRC is therefore not listed as a priority under the Recommended Investment Strategy. The conclusion of the consultants’, Multi-Criteria Analysis is that a more detailed investigation would be needed before the WRC could move up the ‘priority’ scale.