East Mayo Greenway Group welcomes news of further investment in Greenways in Mayo.
  • More investment in greenways is good for the county
  • Issues of land ownership and rights of way are “non-issue” for East Mayo Greenway
  • East Mayo Greenway will connect West Mayo Greenways with national greenway network.
  • Department of Transport has asked for East/West balance on greenway investment in Mayo.

The East Mayo Greenway group has welcomed the news that Mayo county council is beginning to engage with landowners about the proposed Western Greenway extension from Bertra to Lecanvey in West Mayo.

abandoned railway

Closed Railway

Michael Maye PRO of East Mayo Greenway said “It is great news to see the greenway network in the county extended and discussions are going to start with landowners.  When Mayo County council starts discussions with landowners for the East Mayo Greenway from Charlestown to Claremorris their task will be made easy. There is only one landowner, Irish Rail.   The really good news is that Irish Rail has already stated they are in favour of a greenway on the Western Transport corridor from Charlestown to Claremorris”

The Department of Transport, which will provide future funding for greenways noted in a submission to Mayo county council on the county plan that “All planned greenways are in the west of the county” and the Department wants to increase the “regional spread of greenways around the country”.  The East Mayo Greenway will redress this imbalance but also be of huge benefit to the West of the county.
The East Mayo Greenway will provide the opportunity to connect the extensive West Mayo Greenway network with the National Greenway network if a greenway connector is put in place between Swinford and Turlough house.  It will be a game changer for greenway economics throughout the county and will provide a link via the Sligo Greenway to Enniskillen and the East Coast.
“The East Mayo Greenway is the missing link to connect the rest of the country to the superb West Mayo greenway facilities. We hope all TDs and politicians in the county will grasp this opportunity before funding dries up, all that is needed now is for Mayo Councillors in every part of the county to grasp this opportunity” said Michael Maye.